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God bless you all!

Radio fun stuff

So I’ve thought about working on home-made (‘home-brewed’) amateur radio circuits again, but I’ve lowered my expectations (so I don’t have a hissy-fit again), radio-with-big-green-power-symbol-smalland eventually I’ll get a used oscilloscope so I can make sure the circuitry is legal for transmission.  But until then, I’m just going through my collection of old parts and keeping an eye out on the web for circuit design ideas. Continue reading

Where the ‘rubber meets the road’

In many countries outside the USA you’ll find that people who believe in Jesus are persecuted…often to the point of imprisonment or death.  Here in the US, at least until recent years, it was relatively ‘easy’ to be a follower of Jesus.  But things are changing, and believers here may join brothers and sisters around the world in being persecuted, hassled and eventually completely outlawed.

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