Jesus and 2020

Wow, 2020 has certainly been an unusual and stressful time, huh? People have experienced fear, nations have gone on lock-down and it seems like many people have decided to let their confusion turn to fear, then hatred, then destructiveness.

Radio waves, smells and sound are all invisible -- but are very real. Did you know there is a whole other reality out there, a reality that is invisible to the human eye but is even more real than what you can see right now? In this invisible reality, war has been raging for a very long time, and what happens there can definitely affect what's going on here!

What are those in the invisible reality warring about? Good versus evil, of course! Just like in the movies, evil can't stand the thought that good exists and wants to destroy good at every opportunity. In the movies, it's almost always easy to see who is on evil's side while you can usually tell who is good. In this visible world, though, it's not as easy! Most people can't see or perceive the hidden spiritual world, nor can they tell if the person standing in front of them, or sitting next to them, is being coerced by something evil.

The devil is an expert liar
Some may play it down, but the devil is real! Just because you can't see him, doesn't mean he's not there. The devil is so good at lying that sometimes what you hear in your brain is completely opposite of what someone has actually spoken to you! He also whispers lies into our ears at every opportunity. It really does stink, but you have to be constantly on-guard and weigh every thought against God's word: The Bible.

The devil can stir up trouble where there was peace just a moment before. He can continue to bombard people with a lie until they start to believe it's true. People who wouldn't hurt a fly get the same violent lie battered into their head by the devil so many times that a switch flips inside them, they become enraged and eventually want to hurt someone! Yes, this happens frequently and we see the results in mass shootings, angry and violent mobs and organizations that cling wrongly to a lie and single out certain people, labeling them unjustly causing things to turn violence quickly.

God loves geeks too!
Why Jesus?

People who don't know Jesus -- the devil is playing you!
Before I had a relationship with Jesus, I didn't want anyone telling me what to do, nor did I accept wise advise without giving back a bad attitude.

In my past, I had a bad church experience and wanted to be as far away from pleasing God as possible! I thought "I'll show God that I'M the boss and make him sad!". You know what, though? I was just being a full-blown puppet for the devil! I destroyed good relationships, I hurt peoples' feelings, I upset and saddened my family, I stole stuff, I got hooked on drugs, I was sexually risky and could have been permanently infected by a nasty disease ... the list could go on for a long time! The reality was -- I wasn't my own boss -- the devil was! I wasn't free at all, I had the devil's thick, rusty chain around my neck, and it was getting tighter and tighter.

It's sad to see, but folks who are roving around the U.S. and choosing violence over peace are also being played! Every person who lives to favor one kind of person but hates another kind of person is nothing but a slave to a cackling, unremorseful and abusive master! If you're one of these poor folks, you're only hurting yourself, and others! You're not righting wrongs or pushing for equality -- each move you make is to benefit your master, the devil! Who wants to be a slave to a heartless and abusive master? How long will you put up with having bruises and rust stains around your neck?

Jesus is an powerful chain-breaker
So, if you are tired of being played by the devil, if you're tired of getting finger-printed, locked up, harassed by the police, tired of your boss getting onto you, tired of hearing your girlfriend complain about you or tired of your husband losing trust in you -- there is someone who can fix all that!

Some people think they have to be a monk or nun or act and be perfect all the time to serve Jesus, but that's all lies (from guess who??). In the Bible Jesus said (paraphrased) "People who aren't ill don't need a doctor -- it's the sick people who need one". What he means is: If you know you're not living right, he's the cure for that. Folks seem to think that giving your life to Jesus is the end of fun or happiness ... which is completely untrue! I have had more fun serving Jesus than any other time in my life! I have made true friends and have real relationships since I gave my heart to Jesus! I now have a marriage that started with both of us having a deep love for God and eventually each other! I have a large extended family now, a family I'd never have outside of Jesus.

Are you mad about the injustices of this world? Do you feel like some folks are treated unfairly while others go scott-free? Do you think burning stuff, breaking windows and beating people will bring justice? Take a look at your life from God's view and see how you're doing. Folks spit on, whipped, punched, slapped, cursed and nailed Jesus to the cross -- and he didn't do anything wrong! In fact, he gave up his life, willingly, so that you and me could be rescued from the devil's nasty chains and start a new life, with Jesus, in our hearts!

When you're tired of the nonsense, when you're tired of doing what you 'think' is right but you're not getting anywhere, when you want to give up the alcohol, the drugs or sleeping around, when you want to give up hurting other human beings, Jesus will be there, waiting for you. Don't make him wait too long, though! Jesus is coming back from Heaven, and he'll be taking those who live in him to Heaven, while those who have refused him or didn't feel like making room for him in their hearts will not get to go with him. I prefer you not go to hell -- I want you to end up with me where Jesus is!

"Why do you care what happens to me?"
I care because I love you! "How can you love me if you haven't even met me?" I love you because you're on this Earth, living out your life along with me. I love you because God loves me intensely, so his love spills over and overflows to you! I love you because I know your life can have meaning, purpose and can actually help make wrongs right when you team up with Jesus!

My life is very blessed! While I don't have tons of material things nor do I have tons of money, I am very rich in Jesus! I have health things I'm still working on, but Jesus has healed me from cancer and so many other things! I am very VERY grateful to have a relationship with Jesus! He isn't a genie who grants my every wish, but if I ask him for something with the right heart and the right motive, he seldom turns me down.

I want you to have what I have! I care about what happens to you! I want you to experience the joy and the true, real love that Jesus offers! If you become a Christian, you will still have trials, cruddy things will still happen in life, and the devil will come at you even harder, but this time around you'll have Jesus right there with you. You'll have access to the peace Jesus brings, no matter what's punching you in the face at that moment.

Give the devil's chains and slavery the slip, and give Jesus your heart right now! I love you, and I hope you make that life-changing choice like I did!

God bless you, and thank you for reading! big grin




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