They were planning my funeral - Jesus had other plans

If it wasn't for Jesus' love, I'd be dead right now.

A couple of months ago, covid (yes, I'm using lower-case) hit our household. My immediate family, while it was miserable for them, were able to ride it out without a hospital visit or intensive care. I, on the other hand, got hit hard.

The nasty virus caused me to have seizures, which prompted my family to take me to the hospital. I remember being admitted to the hospital, but don't remember much after that. covid messed with my memory of that period of time, so much of what happened was lost to me.

Nearly 'The End'
From what my immediate family and medical providers told me, I was put under, then packed up by our 'local' hospital and put on an airplane to a medical facility hundreds of miles away from my home that could provide the intensive care I urgently needed. Again, I was not conscious through any of this.

I was on a ventilator and developed not one but two cases of bad pneumonia. Eventually I was in such bad shape that my family was warned that 'the end' may be just around the corner and to prepare for that outcome. My family was extremely heartbroken by this news and reluctantly started preparations for my funeral. They were hundreds of miles away and weren't able to visit, so I was nearly all alone, except that my Creator and Savior was still with me!

God loves geeks too!
Why Jesus?

Jesus to the rescue -- again!
With everyone I knew on Earth preparing to lay me to rest, something wonderful happened -- I began to make a very miraculous recovery! Emoji of face grinning big Instead of going away and just being a corpse being maintained by a breathing machine, my pneumonia began to clear, and my body began to heal! Before long the medical staff removed the feeding tube and finally got me off the ventilator. They stopped giving me sedatives and I became conscious.

I was in the hospital for almost a full month, but was finally allowed to leave after the staff declared me well enough to go home. I had many different nurses and other staff tell me how many were surprised that I survived and made such a quick, nearly miraculous recovery! One medical provider said "You were a very sick puppy". I wasn't surprised by my recovery, because Jesus has no limits, but boy am I grateful!

"Eh, you just have a good immune system"
Of course there will be people who dismiss the miracle that my recovery was. People who don't know who they are yet, people who don't know about Jesus or people who don't believe in him are just going to chalk up my recovery to 'good genetics', 'strong immune system', 'heroic medical care' or other similar things. Not to downplay the incredible medical care I received, but those who know me, those who know my health situation are marveling -- they know that without Jesus' healing power, I'd be in the grave right now. I'm so glad I'm not, and my family along with me! Emoji of face grinning big

"Why does God allow some people to die, but not others?"
I honestly cannot answer that question. All I know is there are some things God does that we humans just cannot understand. At first I had "survivor's guilt" after coming through this health crisis. A friend of the family also had covid around the same time we did, and after just one day at the hospital they died. They were healthy and lived a good life, but God chose to take them instead of heal them. This person was even a Christian. I'm sure some people who know me and also knew this person were thinking "Why did God heal Will instead of this person?" I certainly am no one special and generally not very healthy. I do what I can for my friends and family, but I often find myself in bed, fatigued and tired, even before covid struck.

After all of this, I give thanks to God on high. Why he chose to heal me, a seemingly insignificant person, is his business, but I, and my family, are very grateful! Sure, there are still physical and emotional issues I'm still working through, but I can walk again, can lift my arms above my head and go to the restroom by myself -- things I couldn't do after I regained consciousness for the first time after covid. I gain strength and receive more and more healing each and every day, and it's all because of my loving and powerful Jesus! Emoji of face grinning big

God bless you, and thank you for reading! Emoji of face grinning big




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