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Being in my 40's, it's been a while since I've seriously done any kind of studying, but lately I had the desire to upgrade my current amateur (ham) radio license from Technician class to General. In order to upgrade, I needed to study a pool of hundreds of questions about operating procedures, electronics theory and other techy stuff. The actual test was comprised of just 35 of those hundreds of questions, but I had to know the answer to each one if I wanted to get them right. Every other month there is a amateur radio

For weeks I studied the questions and also read a study-guide made just for the General test and did countless practice test sessions online and on my phone. I studied, and studied and studied...often nearly falling asleep while reading. I finally got to a point where I felt I could pass the test and started to 'coast' a little...taking practice tests once or twice a day to keep the info fresh in my mind.


God loves geeks too!
Why Jesus?


Yesterday, the time had was exam time! I was very nervous, both because I don't do well in unfamiliar social situations, especially if my wife isn't there to help, and also because I wanted to do well and pass my test with excellence to the Lord. Long story short, I aced the test, got all of the questions correct and gained my upgrade! I even managed to take the next higher test, and pass it too! Praise God! I am now an Amateur Extra, currently the highest license class you can obtain in amateur radio.

All of this reminds me of something much more important in our lives...the need to study for the big tests that life throws at you. Gee, how can you even begin to prepare yourself for what may be coming down the road?

There is a study-guide for life, and it's called the Bible. Yes, THAT Bible. Yes, the Bible has lots of stories about folks back in the ancient days, but it also has LOTS of guidance about living your life to please God. Don't believe God exists, or you do believe but you just don't give it much more thought? I can speak from personal experience that there IS a God, he loves each and every one of us, and he wants to have a deep and personal relationship with you. Yes, really! He doesn't want you to jump through a bunch of religious hoops, doesn't want you to learn secret handshakes or join a monastery, he wants to love and have a deep connection with you, just like any loving father wants with his children.

Don't you want to 'upgrade' your life? Tired of the same empty feelings, same empty addictions or habits, same empty relationships? You can start by buying or borrowing a Bible. While the whole Bible is good try starting in the New Testament, in Matthew, and go from there. Find a non-denominational Christian church and listen to what the pastor has to say. Find people who use the Bible as their standard and ask them questions about what you read. Before you know it, you'll want to give your life, and your heart, to God...that's the ultimate upgrade!

I'm so glad God gave us a study-guide for this life we're living! The Bible is filled with stories, with healing and with hard, and you'll pass life's tests! :-D


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