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Slowing to a Crawl
For years I've felt physically like there was something draining my 'batteries' as fast as I could recharge them. I'd have to take frequent naps during the day and no matter how long I'd nap or sleep, it was never enough.

At first, I thought maybe my issues were blood-sugar or diet related. I then tried more exercise. Even with a doctor's help, I was going nowhere slowly until my beautiful wife received guidance from God about my issues. Sure enough, the suggestion God gave us was accurate and helped my doctors focus on the part of my body that was messing up. The final solution was to have that part removed from my body by surgery.

Scalpels Scare Me
I don't know about you, but the thought of someone with a sharp knife opening up my body and doing whatever he wants, cutting stuff out was a bit troubling. Obviously there was a lot of prayer about if this was the right solution. Each day brought me closer to the day of surgery, and while I had more peace about this procedure than I've had with other challenges in my past...it was still scary and still stressful.


God loves geeks too!
Why Jesus?


Eventually the day of my procedure arrived. With my beautiful wife at my side and my loving parents on the other, I was prepared for surgery. The doctor drew on my body with a pen to show where he'd be working. They gave me some medicine to relax and after being wheeled to the operating room, they knocked me out with some stronger stuff.

In what seems like just a short blink of the eye, I slowly opened my heavy eyelids to see my parents' faces above me as well as hearing my sweet wife's voice telling me that the surgery was over and I was in recovery. It took a while, but I slowly started to wake up from the anesthesia and was told that everything went well and I'd be able to go home soon, instead of staying in the hospital! Whoopie! big smile

It's been a few days since my surgery, and each day I'm getting stronger and the spot on my body where they operated is healing nicely...thank you Jesus! At this point, I feel like I've been put into a healthier body and that I'm not constantly falling asleep or looking for a nap every five minutes. This surgery was successful, if not painful at times.

Cutting out the Crud
This got me thinking about our lives and how we can all feel healthier and freer. If you want a better life, a life where you're not chained down, a life without the weight of the world squishing you against the ground, it's time for surgery. It's time to cut away from your life the stuff that makes you feel drained, oppressed and weak. There's someone who can remove all that's holding you back and who can get your life back onto a healthy new track. Yes, it's Jesus! big smile

I don't think anyone really wants to be cut into...it's painful, it's risky and can be scary. But if you've had enough with feeling dragged down, if you don't want to waste another day feeling like you're pulling the weight of a freight train behind you, if you want a better attitude, if you want to be better prepared for the challenges life brings, stop right now, cry out to God and ask him to send Jesus to live in your heart, and in your life!

It doesn't take weird rituals, secret hand-shakes or a Bible degree to have a relationship with God. It takes you, with your heart open and ready, kneeling at Jesus' feet. It takes you saying "God, I know I haven't been living life the way you want me to. Help me get rid of all the junk, help me turn my life around and I want Jesus to live in my heart and be the ruler of it!".

Yep, life CAN be better, you just need the Great Surgeon to get a hold of you and lovingly cut the crud out. It'll probably hurt and be uncomfortable at first, but I'm telling you...your life will be so much healthier afterwards!

God bless you and thank you for visiting my blog! big smile


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