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I have written both custom and general release software. I am also somewhat active in developing open-source software (see my blog for more information).

PismoBill · AYB-Bill · Minimation

I previously maintained PismoBill, AYB-Bill and Minimation but they are now end-of-life. If you require assistance with these programs, feel free to contact me, however I reserve the right to decline support requests.

If you have any questions, please visit my Contact page.

VB Convert! Pro - Free Version

VB Convert! Pro - Free Version was a tool that assisted REALbasic, Real Studio and Xojo users with migrating Visual Basic 6 forms, modules, classes and code.

Sorry, but VB Convert! Pro - Free is no longer available for download due to 'reasons'. I apologize for any inconvenience. I am no longer active in the REALbasic, REAL Studio or Xojo communities. If you are, all the best to you and your development efforts!